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Kiromic BioPharma Inc

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Company Description

Kiromic BioPharma, Inc. is a clinical-stage, fully integrated biotherapeutics company using its proprietary DIAMOND® artificial intelligence (AI) platform to discover and develop cell therapies with a therapeutic focus on immuno-oncology. Kiromic Biopharma is the only cell therapy company combining genetically edited Gamma Delta CAR-T (GD CAR-T) cells with proprietary targeting technology to address solid malignancies.

Kiromic is in the process of developing ALEXIS, a multi-indication allogeneic CAR-T cell therapy platform that exploits the natural potency of gamma delta T-cells to target solid cancers. Kiromic is focused on discovering, developing, and commercializing novel immuno-oncology applications through its robust product pipeline.

The pipeline development is leveraged through the Company’s proprietary target discovery engine called DIAMOND AITM. Kiromic's DIAMOND AITM is where data science meets target identification to dramatically compress the years and millions of dollars required to develop a cellular therapeutic.


Cancer cells will down regulate or shed targets in order to avoid detection and destruction by T-cells (the immune system).
Alternative protein sequences, called “isoforms’, are generally much harder for tumors to hide from the immune system.
Target isoforms are protein variants of the same targets and include variations in the primary amino acid sequence that can change the final folded form of the target, increasing its ability to be recognized by T-cells.

To detect isoforms, Diamond shows a box plot of the expression of unique cancer targets such as target isoforms which are detected in the cancer genome tissue atlas, which are then correlated with a box plot of the matching isoforms in normal genotype-tissue expression data sets. Diamond then highlights the normal sequence of amino acids that are specific for the selected cancer isoforms.

Drug Pipeline

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Solid Tumors
Solid Tumors
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1 Comments on KRBP stock

over 1 year ago 𐤟 Price was $0.38

Given the preliminary stages of pipeline development, holds placed by the FDA, and current cash position Kironic Biopharma is ripe for further dilution to fund operations. The timeline set by the company puts early pre-clinical data from leading INDs is at least a year away following submission to the FDA in late 2022. 

Given the current macroeconomics at play and immediate dilution risk, investment at this time is a huge risk imho. The company’s unique approach to utilize AI in the CAR-T space could pay out down the road when looking at current efficacy and safety data for Procel and Isocel, but long way to go!