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At Syros, we are redefining the power of small molecules to control the expression of genes. The genes expressed - turned on, off, up or down - in any given cell determine its type and function. When genes are expressed at the wrong time or in the wrong amounts, it can lead to disease. Because gene expression is fundamental to all cells, we believe our pioneering approach has potential to lead to better medicines for patients with a range of diseases that have eluded other genomics-based approaches. At the heart of all our efforts is our dedication to making a profound difference for patients.


Ours is the leading platform dedicated to the regulatory genome to systematically identify disease-causing alterations in gene expression and create medicines that control the expression of genes with the aim of providing a profound benefit for patients with diseases that have largely eluded other genomics-based approaches. While much of targeted drug discovery has focused on inhibiting or otherwise changing the function of abnormal genes and proteins, many more diseases could be addressed by modulating the expression of both abnormal and normal genes, turning them on, off, up or down. Our unique ability to elucidate regulatory regions of the genome allows us to home in on which genes to control, in which cells, for which patients, and how best to modulate the expression of those genes to maximize the chances of providing a profound benefit for patients.

Drug Pipeline

Source: Syros Pharmaceuticals Inc. - 20221128
Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia
Phase 3
Colorectal Cancer
Phase 1
Pancreatic Cancer
Phase 1
Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Phase 2
Myelodysplastic Syndrome
Phase 3


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